What is Log Book Servicing and Why is it so Important?

Log Book Servicing When you purchase a car, you are provided with a log book. This is intended to gives guidelines on how often the car needs servicing. It is these guidelines that make up log book servicing. It is simply the manufacturer’s recommended care for the car. It involves frequent and regular car inspections and making small fixes so the vehicle works efficiently. The main goal is to avoid major damages that come as a result of lack of preventive care. In every log book, the time to service is outlined as well as the actual car parts that need to be serviced. The timelines will differ from one car to another but all will be determined by the mileage and/or time. Logbook service should always be sought in a timely manner without delay. No matter how great the condition of your car is, you should never skip a session if you have your car’s best interests at heart.

Log book servicing like any other preventive care is very important and confers many benefits to you and your car. The very first is in maintaining the warranty the car manufacturer offers. On every log book servicing session, the logbook needs to be filled and stamped to indicate that proper care was given. Without this properly filled document, it is impossible to make a successful claim on the manufacturer. With it however, the manufacturer will have no option but to execute the terms of the warranty in case the need arises.

With the right logbook servicing the value of your car is maintained. Whether you intend to resell it in the near future or you just want it to serve you for a long time, this is a great way to ensure you get the best. With a logbook, you have proof of proper maintenance of the car and anyone buying your car will not mind spending much in purchasing it. You can fetch a much higher price compared to trying to resell a car without a logbook. Through preventive care provided by this kind of servicing, all the car parts are maintained in good condition. It is able to work efficiently for longer without breakdowns and damages. The engines performance is maintained at its peak and so are all the other parts. This gives you value for the money you spend in buying it and makes maintenance much cheaper.

With log book servicing, the kind of servicing needed on every visit is predetermined and outlined in the logbook. This means that you do not have to go to the manufacturer for servicing every time. You can opt for a cheaper option like local dealerships and they will get the same job done at a lower price. There is freedom of choice with regard to where you can get your car serviced. Repairing your car at different dealerships makes it more prone to engine damage. With the guidelines outlined by the logbook however, the same kind of care is given to your car no matter how many different repair shops you visit. With this, you have the liberty of choice without having to sacrifice the level of quality service you get.